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    To Stroke the damper to a value, go to the status page look to the lower right side under network binding inputs, you will see damper actuator (%). This is where you will override the point to 0% and 100%, just right click on the value and the insert the value that you need 0 or 100, it will then open or close the damper accordingly.

    The max or high value is what the balancer is reading out of the discharge for that unit when the damper is 100% open(remmeber there is 185 second stroke time on the damper actuator from 0% to 100%), this is where to place in the high value, then the 102AX will calibrate the device for you and with your min and max airflow values in place it will then control to your min and max values for cooling and if you ave heating values also. Remeber to make sure that the unit is reading 0% for zero value, have the balancer check one register to verify or what ever the value that he reads will then become the zero sepoint, which could be for example 100CFM or ?.

    There are issue with using the M-stat for the calibration, so it is best to use the LNS plugin for this operation, if you don't know how to uses the M-stat.

    I like crabmaster have done alot of these units and have found that this is the fastest and easiest way to calibrate the 102AX, because of the fuzzy logic that it uses.

    I would use the str250 for best results.


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    it is pretty clear now what i need to do.

    One other question,
    which type/model of CO2 sensors have you guys used with 102ax ?

    From what I read, it is gotta be 0-5vdc output and on ui3, but would also appreciate to know a model/manufacturer that you guys have actually used in the field.

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    I have not used a CO2 directly tied into a 102-AX but if I was I would likely use a Veris product such as this

    It has a field selectable output and one of the options is 0-5VDC.
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