I had a Thermopride OH6 with ECM motor and I want to throw some good press their way for making a fantastic furnace.

It is oil fired with a single stage Riello burner (2 stage is available but I passed on it)

I got the ECM motor. Love it. It comes on slowly and I no longer have a blast of cold air when the furnace first starts.

I am running a Honeywell Vision IAQ Pro and it was easy to install.

According to the oil company, it is running 87% efficient with a flue temp about 360 -380 deg (something like that - at work I don't have the actual spec)

Compared to my previous furnace which had a flue temp of over 680 deg!!! this thing is far more efficient.

I like the fact that the Riello I got with it has a port on it to hook up a fresh air input. I am concidering doing that and closing my 12" x24" fresh air vent a saving some money!

It also is very quiet - at least compared to what I had before.

It stands only 46" tall.

For the month I have had it, it has been great.

Thanks guys at ThermoPride for such an outstanding unit.

Definitely worth the money for them. Highly recommend them to anyone wanting the highest efficiency furnace without goig to a condensing coil unit.