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    Smile Honeywell Lonworks migration

    Lost LNS DB for honewell system - Owner wants to use different HMI to allow more vender choices. Since it is a Lon system I should be able to pin the devices into a new DB for all of the application specific controllers (heat Pumps) But does Honeywell have plugins or proprietary software for the programmable controllers? Anyone know of any GOTCHA's pertaining to this scenario?

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    I've done several Honeywell to iLON front end conversions. A couple have been XBS and one EBI. First, Honeywell freely progammable controllers do not have plug-ins. You will have to program them in CARE. You can use the LNS database (if any) that was created in CARE with any LNS software and that is what I would recommend, since the bindings are done for you. If it's a zone manager job, you'll have to do all that manually. Honeywell XL10s have plug-ins. If it's in the budget, I prefer to replace the XL50s or XL500s with my own free progs (Distech) to make remote programming more viable (I'm in a rural state with lots of miles between jobs).

    If you've lost the LNS database, do you have the project file? It's got everything you need to rebuild the database.

    Other than that, Honeywell likes to do stupid things like make their own SNVTs. It's not a big deal, but you'll see things like a special Honeywell SNVT_switch with a value of 1.0 1 for ON instead of 100.0 1. Also, I find CARE to be a lousy way to work on LNS databases, so Lonmaker or Lonwatcher are a better bet in my opinion.

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    Loytec has server and touchscreen products that don't require LNS...

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