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    tortured teen

    If someone told me the story that this woman gave the interviewer I would have to excuse myself just long enough to go buy a gallon of kerosene and a pack of matches..... I would have no problem at all dousing that b*tch down and tossing the match on her...

    Couple of bible verses...a short prayer...asking for my forgiveness...not BAM.......religiously sanctioned execution....of a god forsaken animal.

    I read another article where a neighbor said that on the few occasions he saw the boy that the boy looked emaciated and abused.... yet this clod felt no compulsion to call the police or the proper authorities.... know what......because this is "America The Bureaucracy "......if that dumbass had called the police or chidrens services.....they would not have found time to investigate until the child had been killed and buried in the back yard......

    If I thought a child was being abused....I dont care if I knew the family or not....I would make it my business to get to the bottom of things.... even if I had to commit a crime myself to get the police involved....

    How on earth could someone witness a neighbor child who they suspect is being physically abused....and be able to carry on with life sleep at night...without doing something.

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    Back in the 60s it was in the newspapers that a 13 year old girl was given the option of returning to her birth mother (who had put her in a frying pan when she was an infant) or to stay with the nuns who raised her.
    She did not return to her mother.

    Ten years later I happened to find a paperback about the psychoanalyst who took her case, back when she was in the convent.
    The book talked about how, when the neighbors called the police, the cops said that this girl's screams, that night, were unlike anything they had ever heard.

    The more time goes by, the less I hear things that surprise me.

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