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    Really wanna stimulate the economy?

    Why not change the tax code to accomadate a consumption style tax, give every taxpayer a million bucks, and print more monopoly money?

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    I print-out hundred dollar bills in my truck, good investment on a printer-machine this chineese dude sold me at a flea market. best money I ever spent! I need gas and beer and smokes? no problemo man, just plug that printer in and crank-out another bill. Better than a visa-card. Life is good.
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    "I say we just nuke them from space, that is the only way to be sure". Winch from ALIENS2, forgot her name. The one with the great T-shirt in ALIENS1.

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    Heck. Why not? The gubbamint' is doing it. They sure don't have securities and gold to back up those bills they're printing.
    I can't understand why they can't give every taxoayer a million bucks or more.
    It pales in comparison to the huge amounts they are going to piss away bailing out every corrupt lender and automaker in the country.

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    i belong to peta ... people eating tasty animals. all my opinions are just mine.

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