I graduated from American Air Conditioning Academy (Bill Radigan, Founder) a few months back and am now looking to get into the field.

EPA 608 Universal C.F.C. License, ARI Certified Residential & Light Commercial Service Tech, NIULPE Class 5 Low Pressure Boiler Operator License.

Top of the class. Perfect Attendance. Academic Achievement Award.

I'd like to do residential if at all possible but am willing to do light commercial as well. I also realize that being a student is one thing and having experience is another, so I'm more than willing to do PM work until I earn my worth.

Troubleshooting electronics has always been a hobby of mine, such as bad sensors on cars, etc, so at least that aspect wasn't just something I only knew from school.

If anybody knows of companies within say 30 miles of Brook Park who may be hiring please drop me a message.