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Thread: Delta Controls

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    Quote Originally Posted by GONFISHN View Post
    Berg, as an fyi for you, a high reset count is not necessarily due to the SRAM problem, it can also occur when there is a corrupted database.

    CtrlF was there a wrench on the controller in navigator or maybe a question mark? The X on the controller means that it is not communicating on the network. You may not have had to reset power to the module. You can right-click on the controller in the network tree and click on reconfigure. We need more info. The red and green lights are the tansmit and receive lights that indicate the rate of communications. There is also a scan light that blinks intermittently to show the cpu scan rate. Hope this helps
    So isn't the database corupted because of the memory issues.

    Lets clarify that I am not talking about a once in awhile failure but devices that do not stay online and need to be reset twice a day, every hour etc.
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    What kind of controller (ethernet or MS/TP) ?

    Does the controller firmware match the ORCAview software version?

    Do you get any errors when you save the database to disk?

    If you don't get any errors when you save the database, then post a copy of the database here and I'll load it into one of my lab rats for testing.

    Also, if the controller is on a MS/TP network change the address to an unused number and check comm again.

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    The controller is Ethernet... I think it's either a 1212 or 1280... not sure. I have not heard back from the customer so I assume the controller is still online. If it goes offline again I will be sure to read this again and get some more information. Thanks for you help guys!!!

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