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    True. Take it somewhere else, or you won't have a choice to take it somewhere else.
    Is this clear enough?

    No one will be "forewarned" again.

    Now, get this thread back on topic before I kill it.

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    Wow, I wish I got as much attention from Quadrafire and their dealer as I have on this thread. Here's an update on my story. I haven't received a call from the dealer since they said they would be out on the 9th. Thanks to google and some comments found on the forum, I was able to jump the VAC SW and haven't had an issue with the warning yet. I've been manually lighting the pop with some scraps of cardboard. It works until it hit room temp Ive specified and then shuts down. That or it over fills the pot requiring me to open the door and clear the path after shutting it down. Needless to say I've only used it to take the chill out once or twice since this happened.

    Yes, I do have alternate heating source. But I've come to rely on this paperweight as my primary heat source. I can heat my house a lot cheaper with pellets doing most of the pushing than electric. Needless to say, I'm an unhappy customer. Mainly because my warranty was good til the end of last month. I'm hoping that since I made the service request before the warranty expired, they will honor the warranty.

    I really appreciate the info on the igniter and mainboard. I'll wait to see what the tech says before I spring that on him. It's a shame you folks don't work on the east coast. You all seem to have a good clue on what's going on. I'm currently looking into the licensing thing. It's seems odd to me that this isn't a required thing. I would think from a liability standpoint, you would need to be bonded and get some sort of license to do this type of work. Hell, if I have a bad day at work people dont get email. If you all have a bad day at work, people can die....

    Thanks again for the info. Admins, please don't kill the thread...its helped me out a lot.

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    Hopefully you checked your passageways and made sure they were clear before jumping out a switch. Additionally, your exhaust motor may be running slow due to premature failure. You are sure that after jumping that switch and watching a couple minutes your ignitor never glows?

    Why don't you call up Quadrafire and tell them your non-service situation and see if they will allow an actual heating guy to service the unit for you with Quadrafire directly providing the licensed professional parts?

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