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    Hmm pvc and glycall??????????

    for an out sdie boiler, does glycall effect the pvc (schedule 80) pipe

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    NO it dosent been running for years in a chiller that sets outside but watch out for the ridding lawn mowers.

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    Lightbulb glycol and pvc

    Just found out that a chemical in glycol eats away at pvc and the glue that bond the pipe. un fortuanetly its to late and now. im digging it all up, about 250' worth. im switching to geothermal loop material. man i hope i have no more problems............

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    Had it in a water loop heat pump for years in Pennsylvania. Moved to South Carolina, used it in a chilled water system at a factory, piping still there. Propylene Glycol. I don't know about ethylene glycol. Heat may affect it also.
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