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    Oil Soot with Direct Vent Boiler. HELP

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    I need advice. I have a Thermodynamics direct vent boiler in my basement. It works great. It is however leaving a terrible looking soot stain on my siding. It has been serviced and I'm told the soot is normal. My hearing guy recommends removing the direct vent and installing a traditional thru the wall Class A stainless chimney. He was not aware of any other options. I forgot to mention that this is a backup system for a heatpump.

    What do you guys think?


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    Sounds about normal. Even with a 0 smoke @ the cleanout, its usally atleast a 1 by the next. Dive around and pay attention to all tghe houses as you pass. Pretty much all of them with a dv looks like crap.

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    I did drive around and noticed a few others looked bad too. So do you think he can just remove the DV and install the chimney? No other changes? He only quoted me the SS chimney. I didn't see any other materials (dampers etc,.) on the quote. When I asked he said thats all I need. The heated gases will do the rest.

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    can the termination be extended out farther? Would look better than a class A running up the side of the house. Heck, so would the soot stain, IMO.
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    T D sells direct vent kits that max out at 20 feet. I have limited experience with this equipment, your contractor could check with tech support for more specifics.

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    I like the idea of extending the DV. Can that be done? It would be nice if it could be removed in the warmer months? The class A does look bad on the outside. Kepp em coming. More questions......


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    The soot is the result of starts and stops. There's always a little sooting at those times and as long as there's a good pre-purge and post-purge cycle with a clean cut oil pump, there's nothing else to be done except to clean the side of the house every time you pull the car out!! Hee Hee. Seriously though, 20-feet of DV is the legal limit, no matter who makes the equipment. No one has anything any further than that. As for the all fuel chimney, they're expensive but do the job. No there's nothing else to be done except build the chimney and plug in the boiler, as long as it can be run into a chimney. Some equipment can only be DV if designed that way. Once the chimney is built, you can have it enclosed in wood and siding so it just looks like a chimney and not a silver rocket on the side of your house. You've seen hundreds of them where gas fireplaces are installed and the metal B-vent chimneys go up the outside of the home. The contractor just builds an enclosure around them, puts siding on the same as the rest of the house and it just disappears, more or less. But saving the cost of a chimney is why the DV was used in the first place. That's why GC's like the DV products so much. The save the cost of an expensive chimney. They could care less about what anything looks like a year or more later. They're long gone.
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    I wish I could clean it off. It's on there but good. Even a power washer didn't get it all off. I'll ask my heating guy about just extending the DV. I hope he can make that work.

    Thanks for the input.

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