Ok, I read the help section on the iLon e3 and cannot figure out why this is not working.

I have a controller hooked up to an iLon 100. The NV type is a SNVT_count_inc and the values are always either 0 or 100 (off and on respectively). I created the NVE and its pulling the data with no problems (even showing the proper value that I setup in the presets).

When I setup the Points in the Log, I have the following:
  "Log only at poll rate" is unchecked
  Each point:
    Poll Rate: 300s
    Min delta time: 60s
    Min delta change: 1
The intent was to log every change of value. However, its logging every 5 minutes anyway. What did I setup wrong? Let me know if I missed any pertinent information.

Thanks in advance!