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    New to fireplaces

    My wife and I are buying a home with a fireplace in it. Never had a fireplace before, so I am a bit unsure.

    I know that we can't post DIY in open forums, but can you all give me a few ideas of what to look for and basically how to safely and effectively use a fireplace?

    What type of inspections are needed at what frequency? What about a maintenance schedule?

    You hear all the horror stories about creosote and chimney fires, but I know that people have heated with fireplaces safely for years, so it has to be safe given adequate precautions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dint burn any soft wood in the FP, only hard woods.
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    Get a level II inspection and have the pro coach you on how to use your fireplace including maintenance expectations. If he is a pro, he will be able to discuss how the house interacts with the FP, fuel choices, wind effect, etc.

    Meanwhile, surf the web to learn as much as you can. It all starts with a proper inspection. Beware, there are many "pros" out there who have never been trained in chimney inspection but you have to take what's available locally.

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