I posted few weeks ago asking for thermostat recommendation. Seems like everyone here like this thermostat. So I went ahead and had a pro install this thermostat replacing a Hunter one. Before, I was having problem with temp swing with the old thermostat. I used to set the temp to 70 degrees to make the whole house comfortable. Now, I have set it to 68 degrees and much comfortable and the temp around the house is almost even. The installer set it to 3 cph and runs about 8-10 minutes 3x an hour in a25-30 degrees outdoor temp. Now, here's something I experimented. It was like 25 degrees the other night, I changed the option 680 to agressive heating #3. It is running between 11 to 14 minutes 2-3x an hour which I like it better. I highly recommend this unit from a homeowner perspective and for those who helped me, thank you very much. It made my house very comfortable.