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Thread: Pics

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    Thanks for sharing the pics. Would love to see the video if you make one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbomaster View Post
    Some more...
    The motor needed some attention. Had a bad winding temp thermistor and several of the motor cooling nozzles plugged. It looks like it ran warm. Rigging went quite well, very smooth and fairly easy despite carrying the main beam up 12 flights of stairs, wouldn't fit in the elevator. Might be done with it someday here. I'm thinking to do a first for me, and set up a tripod to do a start - up video. Realized today this machine is an across the line starter. Thats a hell of a hit on inrush current.
    Hope ya'll enjoy the pics.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Where did you get that gantry? That one beats the hell out of ours. What is the rating also? I bet those trolley don't chop off fingers when you are trying to set then up either.

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    Gentlemens what u watch in this pic,that is the power of YORK, and i hope that some one post also pic from the OM Turbomasters series,or today known as TITAN, i had some OM but i lost it thru virus on my pc, i lost evrithing,so i fell sorry that i am not able to add my pic on this post,enjoy the view

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