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    Question andover continuum trend problms

    At our college, we recently had science bldg. built with andover and phoenix controls.I'm used to metasys, so i'm having a little problem navigating. I can't set up a trend graph. I get to logview and can get an hour of information. When hit thr icon for graph it wants to set another schedule. I should be able to get the information from the contactor,but he never returns my calls.Can anyone help?

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    Do you mind if I ask which college?

    Which version of Continuum?

    As for viewing the graph, first of all are the trends (logs) set up at the Input/Output/Numeric you want to trend? That's the fist step.

    After that, how are you accessing the trend? Continuum explorer or is there an icon/button on the graphics page?

    I use Andover daily so it's easier for me to just go to Continuum Explorer and find the point, right click, select View, Graph, pick the date range you want and let it run.

    Hope this answers your questions.


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