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    "Something a good friend ran into today"

    I'll Let him explain... HAHAHAH My comment is the installer should have been SHOT!

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    Thanks for posting that for me Willis. This was in the back of a convenient store. At first I thought they were installing them and just had them stacked up to save space, then I saw the line sets and had to go snap a pic with my phone. Wow

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    Yip and like ya said... When the Compressor has a burn out or the condenser fan
    ceases I guess the Compressor/Fan Fairies are going to change the one on the bottom...

    NICE!!!!!!!!! Some People just should not breed!

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    Well it could be worst the coile's could be veritcal it make's you wonder how long the compressor will run until it lock's up

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    Well, If they mantain it properly it might last a good long while... But, seeing how they
    store their garden hoses all over the remote ice machine coil make ya also, womder if the mantainance is being done... Probably not...

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    Wont it suck the hot discharge air off that ac condenser next to it?

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    The cooler on top for sure... Not so much for the freezer bottom.. but the AC and the freezer may be competing for sure

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    Boy are you guys dense. Don't you know what a two stage a/c system looks like?
    I am the "Wally". All others are meer imitations of the original.

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    being that the remote ice machine condeser piping is so neatly done and the walk in condensing units bother you?

    You know. I run into dumb things like this every once in awhile and then the customer wants to screw wth you and you just want to go bazerk.

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    Ya thats a garden hose on the icemachine condensor... It's when ya have to change a
    compressor or a condeser fan motor on things like this and then they want to talk ya
    down on price that make me wanta blow up HA... I feel your pain..

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    Was that a rag head store? Looks like something I used to run across in my refer days.

    One of the reasons i quit that part of the biz.

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    The installer must have read the shipping carton where is says do not stack more than four high.

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