Ok so this has bugged me for years wondering this.
I put it under arp being I think this kind of relates to redistribution of weath.

Now you hear movie stars talk about they think its ok to tax them more, being they make more money.

I just wonder if there is an alteriar motive being just like most rich people , they have the money to get around most taxes.

OK so if your a movie star you need to look your best and promote an image so what do you get to write off ????

All of your fancy clothes
all meal you have catered or spacificall prepared .... being you need to have your body in shape to promote an image.

All things realated to getting excersize ... same reason keeping body in shape

any travel ......... being its self promotion.

Any real expensive vehicals or planes being your pushing an image.

any expensive jewelry being pushing an image

Matter a fact what can't they write off premoting an image of being famous or a movie star ????

I have just wondered how much they get away with that we have no conception of and that the government and other people that know they do keep their mouths shut being they are doing so much to premote the left wing.

ok maybe I'm wrong but it sure makes me wonder