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    Weil Mclain Ultra 105 boiler temp increases

    Will the ultra boiler increase its parameters even if the outdoor reset isn't installed? I am experimenting with different temperature settings but my ultra boiler is automatically raising it up to 184+. Is this because I have a jumper on the boiler thermostat?

    I now know that I need a relay with an end switch. My contractor is busy til next week.

    I thought I could run it without running into this problem?

    Is this normal operation for the ultra? The manual says that only with the outdoor reset installed will the ultra adjust itself to meet demand.

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    That is correct.
    No outdoor sensor, it will go to full temp.
    It will adjust its ramping time without the OD sesor(based on previous run times). But will always go to the 184 water temp.

    With the stat terminals jumped, it will probably not be able to adjust its modulation correctly either.
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