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    Your thoughts on Plexus-Technology

    Had a Lunch-&-Learn presentation from Plexus and their Altitude software.
    The presentation was both office demo based and remote into actual sites in real time. It seems a viable alternative, wondering what others may feel/think about it... Professional comments please!

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    Had the system in a building that was the existing front end, and have removed it completely because of many issues.
    The first thing that you will notice about Plexus is that it ia all JAVA based graphics, all the HTML code you will have to hand write in the program.
    It is only design to work on Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro, Windows Server 2000 and 2003, will not work with Vista, but that may have changed since the last time I talk or look at it last, which was 6 months ago or so.
    It does not like LNS turbo edition, thou the company says that it works with it, but the experience that I had with it was to crash the LNS database along with dropping out my TAC Xenta controllers, this then would shut down the system and cause invalid information and setpoints. It had conflict is data transmission, along with not reporting informastion back to the LNS server.
    It doesn't have a way to put default settings into the program if it crashes, which means that you need to reinput the values back after resotre of system.
    The drag and drop feature is OK, but it does only see SNVT points in the LNS database.
    I found that it also will conflict with a download to controllers and crash them also if you do not shut down the Plexus server.
    The security of the system left a little to be desire for web access of the net.
    The other part of the issue is that they have version 2 still intergarted into verison 3 and it is not compatable.
    The tech support leaves alot because of it being in London, and the people that knew the system have left the company.
    I have more and will fill in at later date, boss has questions.


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