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    Electric Hot Water & Boiler

    I am in the process of installing an electric hot water tank. I currently have a Burnham oil boiler (model V-14A-T) installed for baseboard hot water heat. It was installed years ago by the previous owner. Over the summer, I had our ac unit replaced with a heat pump. My baseboard heat will become the backup heat and will no longer supply domestic hot water to the house.

    I've heard a few different ways of routing the water pipes for the hot water tank. Is it best to still run the cold water through the boiler and then into the electric hot water tank or disconnect the water supply altogether (domestic side only, still leaving the cold water connection to the heat side).

    I was thinking of the first. This way, when the boiler does come on for heat, it will pre-heat the water before going into the hot water tank. Plus, it will keep a flow of water running through the boiler so nothing corrodes.


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    No DIY. Sorry, site rules.

    But why would you want to use expensive oil to heat the water in the winter, when you generally want to save on oil. That heat isn't free.
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