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    New Construction Nightmare

    Help me help a buddy. My best friend is building a new home with CPMorgan (a tract home builder with a less than stellar reputation). During the construction of his home his heat pump (which has been undersized by half a ton but that's another story) was hacked to run on electric heat strips and provide heat for the workers....keeping in mind that no furnace filter was installed and that the air handler has been running nonstop during the drywall and spray painting phases of construction. I know the damaging effects this has on the coils inside the air handler but where do I point him for that information and more importantly how does he get the builder to rectify the situation (I'm assuming having the coils cleaned professionally?)? For what it's worth it a builder's grade Bryant heatpump.

    Many thanks, Jonathan

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    Request a new unit..... or get a lawyer.

    They should have to supply their own temporary heat unless consent was given by the owner to use the heat pump.

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    He will need to have the HVAC system cleanned.

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    The builder should have put in a temp furnace until all the dirty work was done, and then swapped them out with the permenent equipment. Or your buddy should have not had the equipment connected and told the contractors to provide their own heat would be a better choice if the builder didn't protect the HOs property and now someone needs to pay for the equipment as I would not accept just having the airhandler and coils cleaned and call it good. Up here in my neck of the woods most all contractors will provide there own heat and will also cover all supply's and returns with plastic until all the drywall work has been completed, and the builders will also put in a temp furnace to avoid these situation.

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    If they have been spray painting the evap coil is ruined you cant get enough coil cleaner to remove that stuff even if you take it to a carwash.

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    Go to Bryant and get their statement that the equipment warranty if void if the unit is used as a construction furnace. If the house is new and the contract calls for new appliances, the the HVAC unit needs to be changed out so that it's new. This is a common problem and one that we specifically write into our contracts. Unit is not to be used for construction....but I've yet to have a single homeowner not sign a document authorizing use of the equipment when the GC cries for heat for the finish work. It's their funeral and I've already refused warranty on a variable speed blower due to that very issue. I don't know of a single manufacturer who allows the equipment to be used on construction without voiding the warranty. That in itself tells the story, eh?
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