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Thread: xv95 wont light

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    xv95 wont light

    I recently installed a xv95 Trane furnace and I'm having problems getting the burners to light. I checked the inlet pressure and I have 7" wc. I removed the gas valve and manifold and checked for anything that could be plugging them. I found nothing. The flue pipes are 3" pvc (required for 120000 btu) and are about 8ft long with 1 90 and 1 45 on each pipe. I checked the wiring coming into the furnace to confirm the polarity was correct.

    When I send a signal to start the heat the inducer fan comes on and the furnace goes through its start up procedure. Then the Hot surface ignitor comes on the only burner that will light is the one on the right at the hot surface ignitor. It stays lit for about 2 seconds then it shuts off.

    I have pulled the burners and confirmed that they were ok. Found no problems. Anyone have any ideas?

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    You need to sign up as a pro so we can move this thread to the pro tech forum. Really shouldn't have it in the residential form. You have the post count, go sign up!

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    I had this exact same thing happen a couple weeks ago on an XV95. I beat my head against the wall for a quite awhile trying to figure it out, Finally tore the WHOLE thing apart looking for some type of restriction in the manifold, re-assembled it and it's worked fine ever since. Unfortunately I can be of no help other than to let you know you are not alone. BUT if/when you find out what it is I would love to hear.

    I was almost sure it was a gas valve issue but while I had the valve off I energized it and it opened. I just couldn't convince myself and once it started working what more can you do?

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