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    I get my helpers to wipe any excess with a rag. After a couple furnaces, they don't need to clean up so much.

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    hmmm, at least they upgraded the filters!
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    You have to wonder about the air filter with the wild transition. Unions have to be outside the appliance where I'm from. The electric , duct, gas line, control wiring won't pass the final inspection in Ontario Canada. OMG call the bubba patrol

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpa-fl View Post
    That it is, but it's installed UPSIDE DOWN! Aquaguard 3100. Dumb question, but was it connected? I've never tried running one upside down; I'm not sure if it'd affect the operation of the float switch. Some of the other float switches are definitely orientation-sensitive.

    HEHEHEHE ....I do believe you are correct... we always install them the other way cap side down.... This way you remove the cap and the float falls out to drain and clean the assembly.

    There probably isn't a float in that one... Bet they were wondering why the unit wouldn't start up???

    As far as I know they are not supposed to be installed that way!

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    There is no pride in that work... Its a Probably a you get what you pay for Job.

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    code here is union cant be inside cabinet unless factory installed. so. i always put mine outside. black ducttape? you have got to be kidding me. ever hear of zip ties? mastic is a must for it to pass code here. I hate putting it on new ductwork, makes the sheet metal look bad but it has to be done. Botched install, lazy installers, no pride in workmanship . If they worked for me they would be fired
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    Quote Originally Posted by garya505 View Post
    Ah, sorry I thought that's what he meant. An inch shouldn't make that much difference (at least that's what I always tell my wife).

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    At least you got an overflow switch for the drain so the control voltage circuit won't short out.

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