I took these few images from a no heat I ran this morning. The breaker would trip when the furnace came on. Gee, I wonder why...

This furnace's amp draw is 15 amps. Here we have a sump pump plugged into the same receptical as well as other household appliances. I think we exceeded our load here. There also used to be a heat pump here. Why the installing company did not modify this disconnect is beyond me. Putting in a single pole breaker at the main panel and running new wire from the disconnect to the furnace must have been too hard for them.

While we're at it, how am I supposed to get a pipe wrench in there to loosen the union? Don't they know the union is supposed to be outside the unit? I also love how they glued in the air intake at the collector box.

The black duct tape around this gaggle-frack of t-stat wire is so precious.