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    White Rogers 1F83-277 Ther Heat Pump Propane furnace

    I am kinda stumped.. I have a Setup from Goodman.. A GMV95/GCV9 Furnace, adapted to propane, a GHS140421AD Heat Pump, White Rogers 1f83-277 thermostat.
    I would like to run the Heat Pump in the winter and have the furnace come in and turn off the heat pump if it gets too cold. I need a fossil fuel kit to do this.. I am ordering that as soon as I find a supplier. Meanwhile I would like to get the Heatpump on the main stage for the heating and have the furnace available on Emergency heat. I am going crazy trying to figure out how to wire this thing up. I am about ready to just wire up the furnace or the heat pump and wait for the kit.
    Anybody that has some wiring suggestions or a better idea than I have could you please give me a hand.

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    We will have this thread relocated over to the residential section where it can be better answered, as this section is for building automation.

    I also recommend reading the site rules regarding "do it yourself" (DIY) threads, as this one appears questionable to me


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    Thread closed.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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