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    Confused Williams Wall Furnace

    I have a Williams Model 3509622 3500btu wall furnace that I installed in Feb of 2008. It worked fine for the remainder of the winter but when I lit it off two days ago it would not respond to the wall t-stat. I replaced the t-stat and the wiring running to the furnace but it still does not respond. The pilot light stays on and I can light the burner by jumping a wire across the lower and upper terminals on the control valve. As long as I leave the jumper in place the heater will stay lit. Remove the jumper and the heater goes out but the pilot stays on . I do not have a miliamp meter to check the pilot generator, is there a way to check it without a m-a meter and do you think it might be a faulty pilot generator? Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    You should call a HVAC company out to look at it. You may be jumping a safety out and could possibly cause harm to yourself or your property.

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