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    Confused NewBie Question:Thermostats With External Sensor(s)

    I apologize if this a really basic question, but I am looking for name brand thermostats (UL certified) with external probe sensors.

    For some reason, unbeknownst to me I am having a hard time finding one anywhere.

    This is for a home installation of a heater mat.
    Instead of taking the temperature of the room, I wanted to gauge the temperture of the floor.

    Does anyone know of any companies or specific brands and model #s?

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    Yeah, the manufactuere of the mat makes the tstat to go with it. If you are installing the mat you get from HD you can buy the tstat there too. ithink its sunpro or something like that.

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    Do a Google search on "floor temperature thermostat"

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    Thanks - this was a great start.
    "TheWorm" and "ShifferBrains" I appreciate the help.
    I go through the search and contact SunPro.

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