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    Wanting to move to Wichita

    I'm aiming to join the United Association's apprenticeship program for service techs next year. I currently live in Ohio, but I'd like to move to the Wichita Kansas area sometime in the next 2-3 years. Can you do that during an apprenticeship? Move from one local to another? I know there's a local in the Wichita area. I'm looking to move to Mulvane or another one of the suburbs of Wichita itself.

    Also, does anyone know the 5th year apprentice and journeyman pay rates? In the Canton Ohio area 5th year apprentice is around 21 an hour, and journeyman is 23 or so. Or so I've been told.

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    journeyman scale the last I was told was 25 something. I could't tell you about transfer rules. Find out directly at your union hall.

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