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    You many times?

    Na matter which side you're on, this is an insult to those of us who cherish free and open elections.

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    I acutally thought it was pretty funny. How could it be possible for a person to vote more than once? Judging by the context in which he made the statement, I think he meant that he had to come back several times before he was able to vote.

    The reporter said "You saw the long line and decided to come back and vote."

    The guy being interviewed said "Yeah, came back and voted a couple of times."

    I'm pretty sure he meant that he had to come back several times before he was able to vote. It's not like this guy is the most articulate person in the world.

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    Well, he also said it was 'time for a new face' in answer to the question of why he was voting...guess he didn't get the memo that George W. Bush couldn't run for another term either!

    Then you have people like this
    Claire McCaskill (D) Missouri senator (Freshman) who was the Missouri State Auditor for 8 years before running for Governor (lost) and then Senator (won). She's a big time Obamabot.
    Maybe she should remember how us normal people vote...
    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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    Back when poll taxes were the norm , I had an Uncle named Charles Carlin, a great uncle named Charles Carlin and a cousin named Charles Carlin. My Uncle would show up at different times to see if the others voted, if not, he would pay their tax and vote to make sure they voted right.

    Thats how you vote more than once.

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    when we went to vote, they had my wifes address wrong but let her vote anyway. we just moved here and i thought it was kinda far away from town. so we then went to the place she should have voted (just to see) and her name was on their list too. so she could have voted twice.

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