1. owner/management starts *****ing at you about things that YOU and THEY know are out of your control (goal: to create an environment where they can say you did wrong and have good reason to be terminated)

2. writeups/warnings for no good reason, or like above, things that YOU and THEY know are out of your control (goal: to create a written/documented record of "poor performance", that can be portrayed as reckless disregard for your boss's business and/or insubordination, so that they can contest your unemployment benefits)

3. being questioned on aspects of your job that you were never questioned on before (goal: again, to pry into every little detail of how you do your job so they can make you the bad guy by finding something ... anything ... to use against you.

4. erratic angry behavior at company meetings by the owner where you leave feeling that you were not talked to, but instead were warned that THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE. sales or hours quotas.

5. being called into a meeting over some "dispute" with a fellow coworker, a dispute that both you and he agree didn't happen. when owner/management starts getting into the gossip business. well so-and-so said that you said this about so-and-so, and blah blah blah, are you guys going to be able to get along or what? and you are both looking at eachother like what the hell is going on?

basically, the common theme that you will find in all five of my above examples is this: when you objectively see that attempts are being made to "make you the bad guy" or to "make the techs the bad guy" in general, you better start looking. don't wait around my man........