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    any one ever work on a cruise ship?

    Hi i wanted to know if any one here has worked maintance on a cruise ship and how did it pay and what you need to qualify to get a job on one

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    I am unsure myself
    requirements are a pulse and pay is poor

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    ill bet they treat techs like garbage, you would think they pay well but problaly not since their trying to save as much as possible, its problaly similar to working with restaurant where every manager is a penny pincher. ill bet the real money isnt with cruise ships but with refrigerated cargo ships. problaly would have to apply through the ports. who knows?
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    Cruise ships are dirty, so are the crews.

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    Never even been on a cruise ship, but we have a few ex-Carrier guys that used to do some o-hauls on cruise ships. They say it sucks big time.
    Very cramped, very hot, not much time to relax. And no wandering around ship and rubbing elbows with the real people. They dont want the riff-raff up in the public areas.
    I always thought it would be cool to work on a ship also, until they set me straight.

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    Working for a national controls company several years ago, I used to get calls towork on many different types of ships, from cruise ships, to oil tankers, to military stuff. ONLY the ships in the Navy fleet were well taken care of, the rest were crap. Typically they used on board crews from foreign nations that barely spoke the language, and had even less interest in fixing anything. It was usually a giant mess to say the least. I cannot imagine being an onboard guy would be any better. I also think the wages probably suck, but who knows, if you need to run away from something like an ex wife and get your head screwed back on, maybe it could be worth it. Every situation is different.

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    Coast Guard has contract work available from time to time guessing the work isn't to great from the sounds of things?

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