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    Wood Stove in Mobile Home

    I want to install a wood stove... here's the deal. I do live in a mobile home, however, the stove is to be instaled in a stick built addition on non-adjoining walls to the original mobile. I am planning to alter the walls and floors, adding non-combustible materials. My question is, can I install a wood stove that is not mobile home approved seeing as it is not going in the mobile itself? I will install the air duct for combustion, but just want to know if I can use a stove that is not approved by HUD. I am aware of all HUD requirements regarding the chimney and such. I cannot ground a stove to a chassis because there is not one in the adition!! Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. Looing to get this going asap but I need this answer before I do anything!!

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    I do not know the actual code but if we were doing the job out of our store we would treat it as a mobile home installation. Most modern stoves are mobile home approved, in fact every stove we sell is.

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