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    Obama's narcissism

    I have been saying this for while. I even made up a little fill in the blank using Hitler's history but taking out key words that would identify it was Hitler exactly. It was disturbing how many similarities these two have in common.

    They even wrote books about themselves before they had ever really achieved anything book worthy.

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    This "man" is no Messiah.

    There is no substitute not on this earth from the past or the future however,
    the Almighty sees fit.

    From out of Jesus Christs mouth:

    Matthew 24:4 & 5

    And Jesus answered and said unto them,

    "Take heed that no man deceive you.
    For many shall come in my name,saying,I am Christ;and shall deceive many."

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    Obama's arrogance and the end of America

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    The Irainian's Shahab 3a range 1240 miles.

    The 3b MRBM in excess of 1600 miles.

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