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    Have these guys always done your work? If not why not go back to the company that did right by you. I work for an oil company and occasionally we get new customers over price but often we get them over service.

    I agree, I will be going back to the original company that serviced the burner properly. However, my real internal debate is whether to do that now, or simply wait it out until next year. In other words, just let the burner run not so well and then have it set up properly next year.

    I have already paid this current company this year to service it, I don't want to have to pay twice this year for furnace service, unless of course the situation I have is at all dangerous.

    but from the sounds of it, I just have a situation where it is a little off but will still work.

    Am I making sense? Or should I be making sure that the burner is in tip top shape at all costs?

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    Get it done right, now. With today's oil prices you want it as efficient as possible. It may be a simple adjustment or it may need something simple like a new nozzle they can be bad right out of the package. Some guy came and was there for ten minutes? Has anyone even done a combustion test? I would bite the bullet and call the company back you know you can trust and get it done right. If a doctor told you to wait a year for your headache to go away would you?


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    Letting it run like this, may or may not cause troubles later in the year.

    If its making soot in the HX, it will also cause you to use more oil.
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