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    Lon touchscreen display

    I am looking to install 3 color touchscreen displays into 3 different supermarkets. We are using a lon network in the mall and I see Loytec do a product called L-vis that could work. Is this a good product i.e. easy to program, install etc. Any other product suggestions?

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    The L-Vis is pretty good. The programming is a little different but there are numerous samples to help you figure it out.

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    Loytec has a nice display.

    It has full AST (Alarm Trend Schedule) functions, email server, VNC server so you can have a remote operator.

    The LON version has RNI, can be on FT-10 or IP852 channel.
    There is also a bacnet MSTP/IP version.

    The programming to me is like anything else. However, once you get it down you can make collections and cut/paste between projects. However, you can copy between bacnet and LON projects, so they thought out the process well.

    Email me at Loytec-Americas and I can talk to you about it. This line will be expanded in the future.

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    Loytec Lvis

    The L-Vis is a very capable touch screen display.
    I've used it on a small job and the owner/operator loves it.
    It's feature rich, and can be ordered as either LON or BAcnet.
    It's just a bit pricey. is a place to start.

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    I get the pricey response on LVIS about 50% of the time. But if it really doesn't have any negatives is it really pricey? Sometimes I think you have to back up a little and say it does everything I want, it's flexible, reliable and high quality...

    I'd appreciate more specific feedback on your LVIS installation. Additionally, I'd like to see what other features you might like to see with it. You can reach me at the email listed in the Loytec-Americas web site.

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