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    The Psychology Of Four Percent

    every election , every "liberal" issue, the media comes out and says it's winning by a small margin.

    many months ago, before anyone barely ever heard of Obama, while people were still going to work every day trying to live their life, not caring which elite was going to win the nomination,

    the media comes out and says, it will be Obama vs. McCain, then a month or two later...Obama is up by "four percent".

    there is a certain amount of voters out there, who really don't care or understand the political blah blah blah, the only reason why they vote is because they want to say they chose the guy who won.
    no one really knows how large this community is, but the media knows they're out there.

    "four percent" says to the person who just wants to vote for the winner, choose Obama cus he's winning.

    "four percent" doesn't create Republican votes, because the Republicans always have a larger turn out for their party then the zillions of people who claim to be Democrats.

    "four percent" says to the Republican voters, 'its over for you buddy, prepare for a loss, you might as well not even show up to vote'

    "four percent" places the Republicans in a negative light in the campaign which even McCain himself falls for, everwhere he goes is followed by media commentary "he's trying to pick up..." , "he's trying to recover"
    McCain speeches say "it's not over yet..."

    "four percent" tells the Democrat voters, 'your guy is winning, but not by much, you better get out there and vote cus the Republicans can jump out at any second'

    and when the Democrats lose the election like they did the last one, "four percent" says, "what happened!!! we were winning, ...there must be foul play"

    a week ago the media said Obama was up by "ten percent".

    this is just a number they wanted to report but can't, because it's not true.
    the liberal elites can't understand why the Democrats don't win by a landslide.
    The reason is because, no matter how bad George Bush was, or how screwed the economy is, the heartland of America doesn't agree with socialist politics, and don't see it as a solution.

    the media can take a poll in New York and report that 80% of voters support Obama, or they can take a poll in, ...i don't know, Moosejaw Montana and say Obama is down by 40%.

    now the media says the race is neck and neck.

    the proof is in their own words.

    if these poll numbers were true an the media was unbiased, right now, by their own figures, the media should be saying "WOW!MCCAIN IS MAKING A HUGE COME BACK!!!"

    is that what they say? nope!,
    because the media knows they're pulling numbers out of their ass to try to collect as many voters for the democrats as possible.

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    And to believe there are those out there who believe the media by and large is conservative. I don't know whether to fall on the floor laughing, or feel sorry for the ignorant lot.

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    Well, Wolfie, you finally hit that nailhead.
    No reserve. No retreat. No regrets.

    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

    Proud member of KA Club

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    Wolfie, you just PROVED that the media is biased and will assist ALL liberals in their adjenda.

    That is why we conservatives get upset, the media is on THEIR side EVERYTIME and NEVER supports or promotes conservatism.
    There is NOTHING fair or BALLANCED about the media.
    That is why I quit listening to the evening news 18 months ago...
    Those who dance, appear insane to those who do not hear the music.
    Those who believe, appear ignorant to those who do not know God.

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