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    Quote Originally Posted by chaard View Post
    Joe, can you edit post #7 before the Mods see it.

    Site rules #1 & #6

    I tried, but the little edit button no longer appears to be there. Is there a time limit on doing edits? For what it is worth it wasn't too harsh of a word that I had used and it seems as though we worked out our differences.

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    there is a time limit to edit. This is an open forum and it just doesn't look good. I'm glad you able to work your differences out.

    You can ask a mod to fix it. They won't mind. I've had to do it myself before.
    We're awl pawthetic and kweepy and can't get giwrls. That's why we fight wobots.

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    the john henry foster company sounds like a great place to work, good pay, benefits, employee owned company and yes a company vehicle. the main thing i didn't like was the hours weren't set, their service territory is huge, like all of illinois except chicago, all of missouri except kc and southern iowa. so being in illinois, they said i would mostly get stuck in illinois, but you could be driving 3-4 hours to the job then having to do the job then driving that home, it could make for a lot of time away from home and honestly i hate driving. additionally i would like to continue my education and that would make it very difficult. but if you don't have a family it sounds great, and honestly not every day would probably be like that, it just wasn't what i was looking for. if you do apply with them and get an interview you'll have to take a mechanical aptitude test and another stupid test and then an interview. in the interview i would suggest making it out as though you are looking for a life long career, and brush up on the different type of air compressors on the market so you can feel comfortable and seem knowledgeable about them. there new baby is the nirvana, it's super quiet and efficient. the vp that did my interview was very long winded it was hard to pay attention after racking my brain for an hour in testing. the dept store was target in edwardsville, i applied through career builder sometime last week and i have a voicemail on my phone from a guy, but i haven't called him back yet. i would imagine the posting is still on there, if you can find it just hit the apply button and send your resume. good luck

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