I have been unemployed in the St. Louis Mo. area for around 9 months now. A month ago I decided to take a chance and attend some schooling at a trade school located in alabama. Now for the previous 10 years of my life I worked in the medical field repairing medical equipment so my mechanical apptitude is excellent along with my troubleshooting skills, this helped out immensely with my schooling and I was kicking all my instructors butts at problem solving. Anyway I have completed my training and I have my EPA 608 certification along with my OSHA training certification. Now my problem lies here with in the great city of St. Louis, it appears that St. Louis is a dying city, some say its the election and some say its the economy. I am desperately seeking a job that can help me start my new career choice, would anyone out there know of someone in the St. Louis area who would be interested in giving a hard working, extremely knowledgeable man a chance??