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    Trane Furnace/HP/IAQ Wired Correctly

    I recently had a Trane XV95 and XL15i heat pump installed as well as a VisionPro IAQ and Honeywell by-pass humidifier. When it came time to wire things up my installer balked at hooking up the humidifier to be controlled by the IAQ and also wasn't going to wire up the blower to slow on a call for dehumidification until I told him that it could be done. All he wanted to do was enable Comfort-R. The system seems to be working fine but since I've only had it less than 2 weeks and it has been cold out I haven't been able to put it through it's paces to see if everything is working correctly.

    I've looked over the wiring and I'd like to get your take on whether the system is wired correctly. Some things don't seem right to me.

    1) HUM1 is wired to the humidifier. HUM2 is wired directly to the transformer on the furnace and not jumpered to R like the IAQ wiring diagram. I think he did it this way because he originally wasn't going to wire it up to the IAQ. This is ok isn't it?

    2) Is the wiring to slow down the blower on a call for duhumidification correct? RH jumper to DHM1, DHM2 to BK on furnace, BK jumper cut.

    3) Are the Dip switches 5 and 6 all that determine whether Comfort-R is enabled and working.

    4) Does Comfort-R work when HP is in heating mode? I thought I read that O and R needed to be jumpered on the furnace for it to work when the HP is heating. I don't have anything connected to O on the furnace.

    5) O is only connected from the IAQ to the HP. Is this correct?

    6) The Trane manual wiring diagram shows all wiring is connected to the furnace like this: TStat - Furnace - HP. My installer wired Y and B like this: Furnace - IAQ - HP. Does it matter in what order Y and B are connected?

    7) On the HP the BK wire is just capped. Should this BK be wired to W1 and/or W2 on the furnace to bring on AUX heat during a call for defrost? The installer mentioned something about Trane units need to be wired different because they don't use a timer for defrost control but use temp sensors to determine when to defrost. Either way how does the system know it is in defrost control and thus turn on AUX heat during defrost?

    Hope that I didn't ask too much in one post. I'd like to have my installer come out to fix any problems you may see with the wiring.

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    y and b only matters on what color the wires are

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    I may not have worded that correctly. Y and B are not wired together in any way.
    Y(Furnace) is connected to Y(IAQ) which is connected to Y(HP).
    B(Furnace) is connected to B(IAQ) which is connected to B(HP).
    Sorry if that was confusing.

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