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    Confused Inducer fan starts but furnace won't light.

    Working on a Haier HGA080N3H furnace. The inducer fan starts but the furnace does not light. Replaced the flame sensor and still it doe not light. Inducer keeps running but igniter will not light the pilot. Furnace has a honeywell smartvalve and control board. Any suggestions as to what it be would be greatly appreciated.

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    <DIY help is not permitted on our forum.>
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    don't want to start anything but the reason most of us wont help is because the rules say not to, and i hope nothing happens to this person you just gave all this info to. a pro should have been called in to do the wiggling and wedging.
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    First off, to the origianl poster. Please read the site rules.

    As for you, STANCILHVAC, you are hereby banned form this site for 30 days as you have been warned before.

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