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    Pilot light hassle on gas insert

    Hi experts,

    I've got a Comfortec by Orrville gas fireplace insert made 5/93... I can't get the pilot light to remain running, even after prolonged warm up, long enough to switch the knob over to the run position. I'm a little tight on cash and would really like to make the little lady happy by getting this thing running without having to call a professional... any ideas? From what I've read I should remove the glass front to prevent pressurization and try again... is this really necessary? Also, if it's a bad thermopile [again, been reading ] how can I tell? TIA

    here's what I've been able to find so far...


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    Call a pro!!!

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    The rules of this site make it clear that this is a place where industry professionals can ask each other tech questions.

    This is not a DIY site. The information shared here could be deadly if used improperly.

    Let us know what area in which you live and we can steer you in the right direction.

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