Recently I have had 2 separate FX60s upon a reboot display an error in the application director - FT 1111 is > than 1024 Unrecoverable. The station shows as running but this message plays over and over again and the station does not really start. To recover from this I have had to Uncheck "Auto Restart station" and reboot so the Jace starts back up and does not start the station and then reinstall a good backup from a .dist file. Does anyone have an idea what could cause this? The two FX60s that this has happened on are using one N2 trunk each - one with ~60 devices, the other with ~80. Both report to a supervisor. Under normal operating both of these Jaces barely break a sweat - CPU around 15%. Could this be related to the problem with the history.jar that was mentioned on this forum a few weeks ago that Tridium has yet to address officially?