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    Confused questions on trane XL16i heat pump--1st time replacer

    Hi--I'm doing this on my own, since my 90 yo father (a general contractor for 40plus years) recently died--he wouldv'e known how to sort this out...

    anyway, I'm in a tri-level with cathedral ceilings on the main floor so we freeze every winter, & our family room on the bottom level is too hot in the winter & too cold in the summer. I think my cubic footage is around 21,400 (I think that's what he said) & my old GE is 10SEER.

    A Trane salesman just came out & quoted for the XL15i & XL16i (4ton). I've got to make decisions by Wed. @ noon, in order to be eligible for a $3to700 rebate. He also suggested a 25kw variable speed air handler.

    OK, my questions: 1-is it worth the extra money to do the 16i
    (getting the 2-stage); 2-is the clean effects unit decent & worth it; 3-is it a good idea to add an aprilaire humidifier?

    I just want to be warmer this winter--& more balanced out! (I asked about zones but the salesman said it'd be very expensive & require tearing into walls). Thanks for any direction you can give me!

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    25 KW. BIG house.

    What size is your old unit?

    4 tons may or may not be the right size.

    The 15i is a better unit if your more concerned about heat.
    Clean efects is ok.
    Is your house dry in the winter. If so. Maybe you want to seal up some of the air leaks first. That will help increase your winter RH.

    Of course, you may only be able to get the rebate if you get the air cleaner and humidifier.
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