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    replace heat exchanger vrs new furnace?


    We just learned that the heat exchanger in our 7-year-old lennox hot air oil furnace has a significant hole.

    The exchanger is appears to still be under warranty, but I am being told that the labor to replace it is almost the same as the cost of installing a new furnace.

    Looking for advice and recommendations for going either route, and also for different brands of furnaces. An Olsen has been suggested as a economical replacement. I am also seeing mention of a much more high end Thermopride.

    Also welcome suggestions for best way to research options.

    THANKS in advance for any help or input.

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    Angry Hole in Heat Exchanger

    Make sure there is a hole in the heat exchanger. We very seldom have one go bad in just seven years. Get at least two prices. Replacing one is real importment to do it right. If it is not sealed off right just it can be a problem. Ask each contractor the price of replacement of exchanger and the price of a new furance. Have you had any other problems with the furance? You might make sure that the new one has a stainless steel exchanger and a long life warrenty.
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    The HX on your Lennox is what they call "heavy steel", not stainless. Stainless is normally used in areas that are subjected to high amounts of condensation. Oil furnaces should run a gross stack temp of at least 400*, so the thinking is that there should be no moisture. It may cost you more or the same price as a new furnace to get it fixed. How did they find the hole? Were you smelling it in the house?
    Thermo Pride is the best in the bussiness. Their heat exchangers are probably 3 times heavier than anything else out there.

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