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    Woodburner ventilation

    I stumbled across this forum looking for information. I hope you don't mind me asking a question here.
    We bought a wood burner to install in our basement. We are going to flue it out of our chimney. We will be sleeving it with duct work, as out furnace and hot water tank all ready are ran out the chimney.
    Our question is, can we use gas ventilation (ductwork) or is that not strong enough for the heat that will be produced from the wood burner? I understand the heat will only be strong for X amount of feet, and safety is our number on concern
    Thank you for you time, your expert advice is appreciated

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    Confused huh?

    Not exactly sure what you are saying. Do you mean you have a woodstove, which you plan to vent out an existing masonry chimney, which already serves a furnace and water heater?

    I highly recommend you pay a pro to consult on your installation and perform the work. Not sure what you mean by "ductwork" but no, you cannot use anything approved just for gas with wood. All the more reason to get someone in there that knows what they're doing before you incinerate yourselves.

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