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    Carrier Comfort vs Payne with longer warranty

    I would like advice as to which is the best option for me, given limited options. I live in a condo in suburban MD and I have to replace my 30 year old Bryant Heat Pump, and we can only go with one contractor. He is offering either a 21/2 ton Payne heat pump (I guess the PH4A) with 14 SEER and 7.7 HSPF. It has a ten year warranty on the compressor and (special offer I think) a ten-year warranty on parts. The warranty is non-transferable and I'm not sure I'll be here that long. My other choice is Carrier Comfort heat pump (25HCA330) for the exact same price with the standard 10 year compressor/5 year parts limited warranty (I can't tell if it is transferable). The brochure says "up to 14" SEER and "up to 8.3" HSPF. Either system would be installed with the Carrier FV4BNF002 multispeed air handler, and he throws in a digital thermostat. He also offers a 21/2 ton Carrier base model (25HBA330) for $500 less (5 year warranty and no thermostat), but I think from what I've read I'd be better off staying away from the base models. Which system would be best for me, given these choices? As I said I live in a condo in Suburban MD, and my heating costs are a little higher than my a/c costs. Would that small difference in HSPF make a difference? Is the warranty enough of incentive to go with the Payne? Is there anything else I should consider? I thank you all in advance for your help.
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    The Payne is more comparable to the Carrier base model with a better waranty (i.e., less coil protection, etc.). The FV4B is a variable-speed air handler. 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF with the 25HCA330. Same ratings with the PH3A030 (did not find the PH4A ratings).

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