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    Proximity Probe?

    Does anyone know the correct proximity sensor setting.I have a 2500ton York Centrical Chiller that trip out on high trust bearing temp/Proximity Probe
    I think it tripped on a low load condition.Wasnt there when it happen.Just curious is there a setting or does the sensor need to be calbrated?Any input would be great thank you very much.

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    You will need to pull probe and cover plate to inspect high speed thrust brg, or hire someone to do it for you.

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    The proximity probe on these machines is calibrated at time of commissioning through a special procedure that varies depending on your processor, if you're machine tripped out on proximity probe the high speed thrust bearings should be inspected and the thrust measured as stated above, re-calibrating the proximity probe could be dangerous (without the inspection) and can lead to a $150,000 plus rebuild, some operators have knowledge of this procedure but no concept of the consequences that may follow.

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    Some mechanics will document the actual reading and the reference number as a bench mark when they do start up , then will track the reading on performing inspections. Check your high speed thrust.
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    Usually there is a sticker inside the door from the factory telling what it was set for. If it is off on proximity sensor, you better be checking the thrust.
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    personally, i would recalibrate it and check the new position against the reference position noted from the factory. if it is really close to the minimum of 35 mils, i would pull the charge and check the reverse thrust pads on the high speed cover. if it is really close to the maximum of 75 mils, i will pull the high speed cover, thrust collar, and check the forward thrust pads. if they showed wear, i would then pull the suction ell to see just how far forward the impeller went by looking at the laby seal on the eye. but then again, it could've just stalled and just went limp.
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