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    Boiler question.

    Last Winter i converted over to gas and had a burnham pvg5 with a Burnham Alliance Indirect installed everything is fine with it my only concern is i notice when i leave my boiler feed valve off for a few days and then put it back on i hear a quick surge of water like for maybe half a second is this normal? I have all fin tube baseboards and there are no leaks of that i know of.

    I just wanted to know if this would be considered normal any thoughs?

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    Well of course, the first question is, why would you be turning the auto-fill off? Makes not sense as it's designed to be on at all times. The only time I've ever seen one turned off is when it's defective and over filling the system and HO is too cheap to change it out. An auto-fill valve operates on differential pressure. When you turn it off, the pressure between the shut-off valve and the auto-fill valve will reduce to boiler system pressure if the auto-fill were to try and open due to low system pressure. When you turn the auto-fill back on, it has to put a little water into the system and then allow the street pressure to build in the supply line. Leave it turned on and you won't hear that noise. Like the guy who goes to the Dr. and complains of a pain in his arm ever time he does one-armed pull-ups. The solution is to stop doing one-armed pull-ups!
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    Could indicate a leak. Might want to have a pro check things out. Turning off the water if you have a leak could let the boiler run dry ruining it. Not investigating a possible leak could let the boiler take on too much fresh water ruining it.

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