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    Hot lunches, get a power inverter. Stick microwave in van.
    I'm sure most guys have one that wife would love to replace with a new one.
    Power inverters are pretty cheap these days.

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    A great healthy tuna salad. Substitute mayo for spicy mustard, minced garlic, and a little olive oil. Lots of heart healthy fats in fish and olive oil, will help with cholesterol level too. And if you cut up ANY vegetable small enough, you can add it in to up the fiber. Put the tuna salad on whole grain bread, or a spring mix veggies. Good luck with your health!

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    Sandwhich - Buffalo chicken from acme on wheat bread with some copper sharp cheese.

    Snacks - Small container with a snack of your choice, ex. cheese nips, pretzels.

    Fruit - good snack to get you goin, maybe some grapes or an apple.

    Drink - During the winter some water or a juice of your choice, but in the summer a gatorade and water.
    I dont install leaks, i just fix em

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