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    Question re Rheem 90 plus uplow furnace

    While replacing the filter on my Rheem 90 plus upflow furnace, a piece of what appears to be insulation (aprox. 18in by 12in) fell off of the right inside housing of the furnace. A picture of it can be seen on page two (bottom right below the line to the Draft Inducer) here:

    Does anyone know what the purpose of this piece is and if it is necessary? The piece that unglued is really dirty so I would probably have to find a new one.

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    Insulation. Helps prevent BTU loss.

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    Two purposes. First, insulates the lower cabinet if furnace installed in an unconditioned space. Second, sound deading for blower compartment. If your basement is conditioned, you can pull the piece out and no negative effect. If not conditioned, get a good automotive adhesive and reglue it.

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    I work on a lot of Rheem and Ruud units in my area and its fairly common to find the insulation coming loose after a few years age. Ive even had to dig a piece or two out of blower wheels from time to to time. As mentioned, if its in a conditioned space it really serves no real purpose accept maybe a very small amount with noise.

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    Thanks for the responses. The basement is conditioned and I haven't noticed a difference in noise level, so I won't worry about replacing the insulation pad.

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